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Yiwu Shunlong Frame Firm  China->Yiwu(2004-01-15)
Shunlong frame machinery and accessoriss CO.,LTD,Located in Asia’s largest small commodities distribution port—Yiwu City,this Company ,founded in 1990,is one of China’s first man...

Yiwu Mingli Frame Firm  CHINA->Yiwu(2004-05-08)
MingLi Frame Fitting Factory specializes in producing & distributing V-nails, various framing Accessories, hardware and machines as well. With reliable quality and quick delivery, we supplying o...

XiaoDong Toys  CHINA->Yiwu(2004-12-17)
Dongqing Bubble Water toys is located in bustling International Commercial Center (Market Futian).Since the company founded,we regard "the customer is highest,the reputation is first" as th...

Jincheng Recreation And Sports Firm  China->Jinhua(2006-06-17)
Jincheng Recreation And Sports Firm , is one of the leading wholesales of Stationery and Sport in Jinhua. The main clients are shopkeepers,elementary schools, high schools, administration,Enterprises...

usr/0/87/22374/  ->(2006-05-30)

Yiwu Boma Zhiban Co.,Ltd  China->Yiwu(2006-10-27)
Yiwu Boma Zhiban Co.,Ltd locates in China small commodity of National famous ,with an outstanding location and convenient transportation. We also have set up many offices in Peking, Guizhou, Chon...

usr/0/50/12853/  ->(2005-04-30)

YuXin mbossing material Co.,Ltd  China->Yiwu(2006-06-06)
YuXin mbossing material limited corporation was founded in 1996 and it was located in YiWu City of China, which had a history of more than 2,200 years. The city without no bounding wall gestated the ...

Yiwu Chenglin machine factory  China->Yiwu(2006-06-24)
Yiwu Chenglin machine factory is a specialized production pen machinery, the daily expense, the medical cotton buds machinery, the trombone machinery, this factory product high quality at low price, ...

Jinhua Wucheng Dali Pneumatic Equipment Factory  China->Yiwu(2006-12-28)
Jinhua Wucheng Dali Pneumatic Equipment Factory is located in Wucheng district, Jinhua city, is a special company specialized in producing, manufacturing, and sales pneumatic components. The compa...

1-10 Total 872 Items 88 Pages   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   

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